HB12-1046 - Colorado Works Program Drug Testing Requirement

Concerning Requiring Drug Testing As A Condition Of Eligibility For The Colorado Works Program.

The bill requires a person applying for assistance through the Colorado works program (works program) to take a drug test for the presence of controlled substances as a condition of eligibility for assistance. If an applicant fails the drug test, the applicant may reapply for assistance 1 year after the date of the drug test. However, a person may reapply after 6 months if the person successfully completes a substance abuse treatment program.

The applicant is required to pay the cost of the drug test. If the applicant passes the drug test, the applicant's initial assistance will be increased by the cost of the drug test.

The dependent child of an applicant who fails the drug test shall still be eligible to receive assistance, but the county department of human services will be required to approve a protective payee to receive the assistance on behalf of the dependent child. The protective payee will also need to pass the drug test.

Latest update: March 29, 2012
03/29/2012 House Second Reading Lost with Amendments
03/28/2012 House Second Reading Laid Over Daily
03/23/2012 House Committee on Appropriations Refer Amended to House Committee of the Whole
02/09/2012 House Committee on Health and Environment Refer Unamended to Appropriations
01/11/2012 Introduced In House - Assigned to Health and Environment