SB12-079 - Safe2tell Program Revisions School Safety

Passed/Signed into Law
Concerning Revisions To The Safe2Tell Program Relating To Advances In Communications Technology.

The bill amends the safe2tell program (program) as follows:

  • Removes the references in the article to the "hotline" to clarify that the program receives information through various methods of transmission in addition to telephone calls;
  • Clarifies the existing structure of the program as a single program and reflects the proper name of the program;
  • Clarifies that information received by the program through methods established by the program is confidential and is not subject to subpoena except under certain conditions.

The bill includes interoperable communications providers and the program as community partners in the school response framework.

Materials that are confidential pursuant to the statute shall not be released for public inspection as a public record.

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Latest update: March 24, 2012
03/24/2012 Governor Action - Signed
03/22/2012 Sent to the Governor
03/21/2012 Signed by the Speaker of the House
03/21/2012 Signed by the President of the Senate
03/15/2012 House Third Reading Passed
03/13/2012 House Third Reading Laid Over Daily
03/12/2012 House Second Reading Special Order - Passed
03/09/2012 House Second Reading Laid Over Daily
03/05/2012 House Committee on Local Government Refer Unamended to House Committee of the Whole
02/16/2012 Introduced In House - Assigned to Local Government
02/14/2012 Senate Third Reading Passed
02/13/2012 Senate Second Reading Passed with Amendments
02/02/2012 Senate Second Reading Laid Over Daily
01/31/2012 Senate Committee on Local Government Refer Amended to Senate Committee of the Whole
01/19/2012 Introduced In Senate - Assigned to Local Government