HB13-1108 - Mun Annexation & Fire Protection Districts

Postponed Indefinitely
Concerning The Annexation By A Municipality Of Land Area Contained Within The Service Area Of A Fire Protection District.

In the case of any annexation that will result in the annexation by a municipality of an area that is within the service area of a fire protection district (district), section 1 of the bill preserves the boundaries of the district as they exist at the time of the commencement of the annexation proceedings. The fire protection district is required to continue to provide service, and perform its other duties and responsibilities for, the residents of the area as if the area had not been annexed. The bill is not intended to limit the ability of a district to modify its boundaries as otherwise provided by law.

Current law requires an annexing municipality to prepare an annexation impact report to be considered in connection with the hearing held by a governing body regarding the legality of the proposed annexation. Section 2 of the bill adds as an item to be included in the impact report a statement identifying the effects of the annexation upon fire protection districts whose service area overlaps to any extent with the land area to be annexed.

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Latest update: February 20, 2013
02/20/2013 House Committee on Local Government Postpone Indefinitely
01/18/2013 Introduced In House - Assigned to Local Government