HB13-1133 - Plumbing And Electrical Inspections Schools

Postponed Indefinitely
Concerning Building Inspections Relating To Utilities.

Under current law, electrical and plumbing inspections of school buildings must be performed by state inspectors even though the school building is located in a town, city, or county that has a building department that inspects buildings. The bill removes this requirement, allowing local departments to perform electrical and plumbing inspections of school buildings within their jurisdictions.

The bill requires a school district to provide advance notice to the state if the school district elects to use local electrical or plumbing inspectors for school building inspections in the school district.

Additionally, a local jurisdiction that ceases to perform plumbing inspections shall notify the state in advance and shall reimburse the state for any plumbing inspections that the state must perform if notice is not given.

State and local electrical and plumbing inspectors shall inspect school buildings according to the standards specified in the state electrical and plumbing codes.

Latest update: February 13, 2013
02/13/2013 House Committee on Local Government Postpone Indefinitely
01/18/2013 Introduced In House - Assigned to Local Government + Appropriations