HB13-1212 - Local Authority To Form Job Creation Districts

Postponed Indefinitely
Concerning The Ability Of Local Governments To Form Job Creation Districts.

The bill creates a mechanism for a local government to create a job creation district (district) in which to support an eligible project (project) that generates jobs. The mechanism also creates a local job creation authority (authority) with the power to receive and utilize 90% of the portion of moneys derived from the increased tax revenues collected in the district that is above a designated level of base tax revenues to be used to finance improvements related to the project.

Any public or private entity may submit to a governing body of a local government a request to form a district. The bill specifies the information that a public or private entity is required to include in the proposal for a district and the criteria that the proposal is required to satisfy to be approved. The governing body of a local government must hold a public hearing to review and consider proposals for a district.

In connection with the formation of a district, a governing body is authorized to form an authority. The bill specifies the powers of the authority and allows the authority to issue bonds to finance improvements in connection with a project.

Senate Committees

Latest update: April 30, 2013
04/30/2013 Senate Committee on Local Government Postpone Indefinitely
04/23/2013 Senate Committee on Local Government Witness Testimony and/or Committee Discussion Only
04/18/2013 Introduced In Senate - Assigned to Local Government
04/17/2013 House Third Reading Passed
04/16/2013 House Second Reading Passed with Amendments
04/15/2013 House Second Reading Laid Over Daily
04/10/2013 House Committee on Finance Refer Amended to House Committee of the Whole
02/27/2013 House Committee on Local Government Refer Amended to Finance
02/21/2013 House Committee on Local Government Lay Over Amended
02/01/2013 Introduced In House - Assigned to Local Government + Finance