HB17-1144 - Amend Capitol Construction Automatic Funding Mechanism

Passed/Signed into Law
Concerning amendments to the automatic cash fund funding mechanism for payment of future costs attributable to certain of the state's capital assets.

Capital Development Committee. In the case of appropriations for capital construction, not including information technology projects, the bill requires the general assembly to include an annual depreciation-lease equivalent payment line item payable from the cash fund that is the funding source for the capital construction appropriation in the operating section of the annual general appropriation act for each state agency.

The bill also clarifies that one appropriation may be for the acquisition, repair, improvement, replacement, renovation, or construction of more than one capital asset.

The bill clarifies that 'cash fund' does not include the money allocated to the division of parks and wildlife from lottery proceeds as specified in section 3 of article XXVII of the state constitution.

(Note: This summary applies to the reengrossed version of this bill as introduced in the second house.)


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Latest update: April 13, 2017
04/13/2017 - Governor Signed
04/07/2017 - Sent to the Governor
04/07/2017 - Signed by the President of the Senate
04/06/2017 - Signed by the Speaker of the House
03/28/2017 - Senate Third Reading Passed - No Amendments
03/27/2017 - Senate Second Reading Passed - No Amendments
03/23/2017 - Senate Second Reading Laid Over to 03/27/2017 - No Amendments
03/23/2017 - Senate Second Reading Reconsidered - No Amendments
03/22/2017 - Senate Third Reading Laid Over Daily - No Amendments
03/21/2017 - Senate Second Reading Special Order - Passed - No Amendments
03/21/2017 - Senate Committee on Finance Refer Unamended - Consent Calendar to Senate Committee of the Whole
03/10/2017 - Introduced In Senate - Assigned to Finance
03/07/2017 - House Third Reading Passed - No Amendments
03/06/2017 - House Second Reading Passed - No Amendments
03/01/2017 - House Committee on Finance Refer Unamended to House Committee of the Whole
02/02/2017 - Introduced In House - Assigned to Finance