HB17-1308 - Individualized Conditions Of Parole

Passed/Signed into Law
Concerning allowing individualized conditions of parole.

The bill eliminates certain mandatory conditions of parole while preserving the discretion of the state board of parole (board) and parole officers to impose such conditions. Specifically, the bill removes the requirement that:


  • The board fix the manner and time of payment of restitution as a condition of every parole;
  • Every parolee obtain the knowledge and consent of his or her community parole officer before changing residence, instead requiring a parolee to notify his or her parole officer before any change of residence;
  • Every parolee submit to urinalysis or other drug tests;
  • Every parolee not associate with any other person on parole, on probation, or with a criminal record or with any inmate of a correctional facility without the permission of his or her community parole officer; and
  • The board require every parolee at the parolee's own expense to submit to random chemical testing of a biological substance sample from the parolee to determine the presence of drugs or alcohol.
    (Note: This summary applies to the reengrossed version of this bill as introduced in the second house.)


House Committees

Latest update: June 6, 2017
06/06/2017 - Governor Signed
05/18/2017 - Sent to the Governor
05/18/2017 - Signed by the President of the Senate
05/17/2017 - Signed by the Speaker of the House
05/09/2017 - Senate Third Reading Passed - No Amendments
05/08/2017 - Senate Second Reading Passed - No Amendments
05/04/2017 - Senate Committee on State, Veterans, & Military Affairs Refer Unamended - Consent Calendar to Senate Committee of the Whole
05/02/2017 - Introduced In Senate - Assigned to State, Veterans, & Military Affairs
05/02/2017 - House Third Reading Passed - No Amendments
05/01/2017 - House Second Reading Passed - No Amendments
04/27/2017 - House Committee on Judiciary Refer Unamended to House Committee of the Whole
03/30/2017 - Introduced In House - Assigned to Judiciary