HB18-1242 - Change Salary Categorizations For Certain Counties

Concerning the salary categorization of locally elected officers in specified counties.

Current law categorizes each county for purposes of establishing the salaries of elected county officials in the county. The statutory salary amounts are adjusted every 2 years for inflation and take effect for terms commencing after any change is made. The bill modifies the categories of 4 counties with the accompanying percentage increase in salary as follows:

  • Grand county changes from category III-D to category III-B (20% increase);
  • Rio Grande county changes from category IV-D to category IV-C (10% increase);
  • Saguache county changes from category V-D to category V-B (20% increase); and
  • Jackson county changes from category VI-D to category VI-C (10% increase).
    (Note: This summary applies to this bill as introduced.)

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Latest update: March 22, 2018
03/22/2018 - Senate Committee on Finance Refer Amended to Senate Committee of the Whole
03/19/2018 - Introduced In Senate - Assigned to Finance
03/13/2018 - House Third Reading Passed - No Amendments
03/12/2018 - House Second Reading Passed - No Amendments
03/07/2018 - House Committee on Finance Refer Unamended to House Committee of the Whole
02/13/2018 - Introduced In House - Assigned to Finance