"Postponed Indefinitely" trends so far (and, the sky is blue)

Postponed Indefinitely
Postponed Indefinitely

So far this legislative session, we show that 22 bills have been PI'ed (postponed indefinitely). Today, we'll dig into the oh-so-shocking trends (spoiler alert: the trends are not shocking).

Side note: I have always enjoyed the concept of postponing a motion on a bill indefinitely. I may take up this practice in my personal life instead of ever saying no...

"I'd like a burger and a Diet Coke, please."
"Would you like fries with that?"
"Thank you for asking, but I will be postponing indefinitely my decision on that inquiry. I will now be making a motion to reach for my wallet and pay for this delicious lunch."

Back to the 2015 Colorado Legislative Session. So far in the House, 10 bills have been PI'ed, 8 of them primarily sponsored by Republicans. In the Colorado Senate, 12 bills have been PI'ed, 10 of them primarily sponsored by members of the Democratic Party.

I, for one, am shocked by this blatant partisan behavior in killing bills proposed by the minority parties in each house.