Tour of LegisPeak

LegisPeak is a platform for tracking legislation making its way through the Colorado General Assembly. Here's how it works.

Step 1. Make sure the Session selector is the year you want. We are working to gather all bills and info from the last ten years at least. We'll get there. Right now, you probably want 2015. On any page you see this selector, it will impact what you see.


Step 2. Create an account. Go ahead. Right there at the top. It's free. We may later have content you will need to pay for, but for the foreseeable future, everything is free. And as long as we're here, it will be free. 


Step 3. When you are logged in, you'll start seeing the word "Track" in a lot of places. Or, when you get the hang of things, you'll see "stop tracking" in a lot of places. That's it. Click "Track" and your bill is being tracked. Easy.

Now when you log in, the home screen will show all these bills. The menu item with your name will also show the info and that page, you can share with everyone. So they can see what you're tracking. Or, you can set it so no one else can see what you are tracking, that's ok too.


Step 4. Your bill info will be updated automatically so there is no step 4. 


Step 5. When you are tracking a bill, you can set a priority to rank them on the main tracked bill page or you can set a position on the bill. You can even add some notes to the bill so you know when you took some action. If your page is set to share this info, others can see it, so it's a great way of telling allies what you're up to.


Step 6. Just wait and see what else we're up to. Have questions? Let me know!