SB14-223 - Payment Claims Lower North Fork Wildfire

Passed/Signed into Law
Concerning The Payment By The State Of Legal Claims Arising In Connection With The Lower North Fork Wildfire.

Section 1 of the bill directs the state claims board (board) to compromise or settle claims brought by certain claimants who have suffered damages or other losses in connection with the lower north fork wildfire (wildfire) in March 2012 to reimburse them for their economic and noneconomic losses as well as interest on such amounts. The bill specifies that the total amount of the moneys paid to each claimant reflects the amount of money in excess of the liability limitations under current law for which the board recommended the claimant recover, any additional damages that the arbiters recommended the state pay these claimants in pending state court litigation, and interest on such amounts. Upon approval by the board of the payments of the total claims, the office of the state controller is required to make payment to the claimants from the general fund no later than September 1, 2014.

In accepting the payment, a claimant agrees to release the state claimant by the state. from any future claims arising out of the wildfire.

Section 2 of the bill specifies the total amount to be paid to each

Latest update: June 6, 2014
06/06/2014 Governor Signed
05/13/2014 Sent to the Governor
05/13/2014 Signed by the Speaker of the House
05/13/2014 Signed by the President of the Senate
05/07/2014 Senate Consideration of First Conference Committee Report result was to Adopt Committee Report - Repass
05/07/2014 House Consideration of First Conference Committee Report result was to Adopt Committee Report - Repass
05/07/2014 First Conference Committee Result was to Adopt Rerevised w/ Amendments
05/07/2014 Senate Considered House Amendments - Result was to Not Concur - Request Conference Committee
05/07/2014 House Third Reading Passed - No Amendments
05/06/2014 House Second Reading Special Order - Passed with Amendments - Floor
05/06/2014 House Committee on Appropriations Refer Unamended to House Committee of the Whole
05/06/2014 House Committee on Judiciary Refer Unamended to Appropriations
05/05/2014 Introduced In House - Assigned to Judiciary
05/05/2014 Senate Third Reading Passed with Amendments - Floor
05/02/2014 Senate Second Reading Special Order - Passed with Amendments - Committee, Floor
05/02/2014 Senate Committee on Appropriations Refer Amended to Senate Committee of the Whole
05/01/2014 Introduced In Senate - Assigned to Appropriations