SB15-193 - Statewide Internet Portal Authority Reports To GA

Passed/Signed into Law
Concerning The Consolidation Of Two Reports That The Statewide Internet Portal Authority Is Required To Submit To The Members Of The General Assembly.

Joint Technology Committee. The statewide internet portal authority (authority) was created by the general assembly to provide electronic government services for eligible governmental entities and residents.

The authority is currently required to submit 2 separate reports to different committees of the general assembly. The bill consolidates the 2 reports and requires the authority to submit one annual report to the members of the joint technology committee, the joint budget committee, and the committees of the house of representatives and the senate that oversee business affairs.

Latest update: May 1, 2015
05/01/2015 Governor Signed
04/23/2015 Sent to the Governor
04/22/2015 Signed by the Speaker of the House
04/21/2015 Signed by the President of the Senate
04/07/2015 House Third Reading Passed - No Amendments
04/06/2015 House Second Reading Passed - No Amendments
03/31/2015 House Committee on Business Affairs and Labor Refer Unamended to House Committee of the Whole
03/20/2015 Introduced In House - Assigned to Business Affairs and Labor
03/17/2015 Senate Third Reading Passed - No Amendments
03/16/2015 Senate Second Reading Passed - No Amendments
03/11/2015 Senate Committee on Business, Labor, & Technology Refer Unamended - Consent Calendar to Senate Committee of the Whole
03/03/2015 Introduced In Senate - Assigned to Business, Labor, & Technology

3rd Reading Vote Summary - SB15-193*

House Vote Summary - April 07, 2015
Yes No Excused Absent
63 0 2 0
Senate Vote Summary - March 17, 2015
Yes No Excused Absent
34 0 1 0
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