SR15-002 - Officers And Employees Of The Senate

Passed/Signed into Law
Concerning the appointment of officers and employees for the Senate convened in the First Regular Session of the Seventieth General Assembly.

Be It Resolved by the Senate of the Seventieth General Assembly of the State of Colorado:

That the following named persons be appointed as officers and employees of the Senate of the First Regular Session of the Seventieth General Assembly to the positions set opposite their respective names.

Secretary of the Senate    Cindi L. Markwell

Assistant Secretary and Journal Clerk    John McKay

Assistant Secretary and Reading Clerk    Max Majors

Calendar Clerk     Ryan Breitweiser

Docket Clerk    Dave Pineda

Senate Services Coordinator     Jaima Mellor-Lindquist

Senate Services Clerk    Kyle Ross

Chief Enrolling Clerk    Cameron Swanson

Enrolling Clerk    Morgan Speer

Enrolling Clerk     Shirley Atencio

Chief Assignable Clerk     Rick Callow

Assignable Clerk     John Escamilla

Assignable Clerk    Linda Kouskoutis

Chief Sergeant-at-Arms    Frank Lombardi

Sergeant-at-Arms     Marc SanAngelo

Sergeant-at-Arms     Dan Hartwig

Sergeant-at-Arms    Tom Bay

Sergeant-at-Arms    Joseph Costello

Chief of Staff - Majority    Jesse Mallory

Director of Policy and

Strategic Initiatives - Majority      Charles Heatherly

Communications Director - Majority     Matt Connelly

Executive Assistant to the Senate President - Majority    Dan Brown

Director of Operations

for the Senate Majority Leader    Lori Brown

Policy Director - Majority     Ariana Busby

Policy Analyst - Majority     Joseph Caldara

Policy Analyst - Majority      Kyle Ennenga

Caucus Director - Majority    Sami Davis

Chief of Staff - Minority    Kjersten Forseth

Communications Director - Minority    Jessica Bralish

Policy Director - Minority    Lisa LaBriola

Director of Civic Engagement - Minority     Shad Murib

Deputy Communications Director - Minority    Richard Valenty

Executive Assistant - Minority    Darin Raaf


Bill Room Team Leader    Sheryl Harper

Bill Room Clerk    Tom Gross

Bill Room Clerk    Carlton Lawrence

Bill Room Clerk    Eric Peitz

Bill Room Clerk    Stacey Morris

Latest update: January 8, 2015
01/08/2015 Senate Third Reading Passed - No Amendments
01/08/2015 Introduced In Senate - Assigned to

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