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2014 Williams Kraft-Tharp Szabo

Referred Bills

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Advanced Industry Economic Development Funding Young, Gerou Heath

Under current law, the state treasurer is required to make 4 annual transfers from the general fund to the advanced industries export acceleration cash fund (fund). The bill requires each of those transfers to be made 6 months earlier. Any unexpended and unencumbered moneys from an appropriation made from the fund to the office of international trade remain available for expenditure by the office in the next fiscal year without further appropriation.

For 6 years beginning on July 1, 2014, the state treasurer is required to transfer annually $12 million from the general fund to the...

Advanced Industries Workforce Development Program Lee, Foote Todd

The bill creates the advanced industries workforce development program in the Colorado office of economic development (office). The purpose of the program is to allow the office to reimburse a business for one-half of its expenses related to a qualifying internship or apprenticeship. A qualifying internship or apprenticeship is one that:

  • Is in an advanced industry;
  • Is for at least 160 hours and that lasts less than one year;
  • Allows students to gain valuable work experience in at least 3 specified occupational areas;
  • Pays the intern or apprentice a stipend...
Modify Job Growth Incentive Tax Credit DelGrosso, Kraft-Tharp Heath, Scheffel

For income tax years commencing on or after January 1, 2014, the bill modifies the job growth incentive tax credit by extending the tax credit claim period from 60 months to 96 months, lowering the average wage match from 110% to 100%, and changing the language that governs the commission's approval of a project to show that the credit is a substantial factor in the decision to locate or retain the project in Colorado.

Extend Transitional Jobs Program Kraft-Tharp Kerr

Current law directs the department of human services to administer a transitional jobs program through December 30, 2014. The bill extends the program through December 30, 2016.

Procurement Technical Assistance Program Ryden, Gardner Todd, Grantham

The procurement technical assistance program in Colorado is a public-private partnership that provides procurement assistance to businesses throughout the state. The procurement technical assistance program has a target budget of $800,000 per year, of which 50% is provided by the state and donations obtained by an organization that provides procurement technical assistance (qualified entity) and 50% is provided by the federal government.

The bill specifies how the public-private partnership will operate beginning in September 2014. Specifically, the bill requires the Colorado office...

Wine Packaging Permits Williams Jahn

The bill creates a wine packaging permit under which a licensed winery, limited winery, or wholesaler may package wine produced by another manufacturer as long as the federal excise tax on the wine has already been paid. A winery, limited winery, or wholesaler that obtains a wine packaging permit must take possession of the tax-paid wine produced by another manufacturer, package it, then return it to the original manufacturer or to the manufacturer's licensed wholesaler. If the wholesaler that packages tax-paid wine is the original manufacturer's licensed wholesaler, the wholesaler is not...

Tastings Alcohol Beverages Other Manufacturers Wilson

Current law permits a Colorado-licensed spirituous liquors manufacturer to conduct tastings and sell on its licensed premises only spirituous liquors manufactured by the licensee. The bill permits a licensed manufacturer to conduct tastings and sell spirits manufactured by another Colorado-licensed manufacturer and to offer tastings of raw ingredients used in its manufacturing process.

Drug Testing Criminal Provisions McNulty Scheffel

The bill establishes a level 1 drug misdemeanor for an employee who is legally required to undergo drug testing as a condition of the person's job and who:

  • Uses a controlled substance without a prescription; or
  • Knowingly defrauds the administration of the drug test.
  • The bill establishes a level 2 drug misdemeanor for any other person who knowingly defrauds a drug test.

    The bill also creates a level 1 drug misdemeanor for a person to offer for sale or to manufacture or sell a device adapted or designed to defraud the administration of a drug test. It also creates...

Remove Booking Photographs From Internet Becker Guzman

The bill requires a person who publishes booking photographs or other basic identification information on a publicly available commercial web site, upon request and without compensation, to remove the booking photograph and basic identification information of a person who is not charged, whose charges are dismissed, or who is acquitted of the charges. The bill authorizes a person whose booking photograph or information is not removed to file a civil action to recover any damages caused by the failure.

Bidding For County Gov Procurement Contracts Lawrence

The bill requires a county government to procure construction through a competitive bidding process if a single contract for construction may be reasonably expected to cost $100,000 or more. Competitive bidding may include competitive sealed bidding, design-build proposals, construction manager general contractor proposals, or any other form of competitive contracting method that the county chooses.

The bill includes an exception to the competitive bidding process requirement if the county government does not receive any bids, the county government has rejected all bids, or the...