And We're Off! 2016 Legislative Session

With 78 bills in the House and 39 in the Senate, the 2016 legislative session has started with a bang. We've already got bills repealing the recent gun laws (HB16-1024), a bill to help the middle class save for college for their kids (HB16-1003), and an attempt to require voter approval for continuing the health exchange (SB16-002). Almost no hot-button legislative stone will remain unturned this session. Yes, abortion issues are on the docket too, with HB16-1007.

But don't forget those drones, y'all. With HB16-1020, Colorado would stop drones from flying near airports and jails. I wonder if those legislators were watching some crazy movie when they wrote that law, which specifically addresses that common issue of using drones to deliver weapons, alcohol, and marijuana to inmates in prison.

Did I just miss the news? Has that actually happened? If it has or not, I congratulate our legislators on getting on top of the drug delivery to prison by drone issue.

What will we see next? I don't know about you, but with this grouping of first day bills, I'm excited to see what the 2016 Colorado Legislative Session will bring.